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Transfer of admin right to the HKSMA 11th Board

This is to confirm that the Administrative right of will be transferred to the HKSMA 11th Board by the end of this week.  From 2018/10/21, the 11th Board will have full control.


EGM 2016/12/30 Self Windup-BUD Fund

Please contact our 10th Board.  The resolution has been defeated.  The HKSMA will be business as usual.  We will proceed with our plan to support/join the HK Pavilion for our industry supported by the HK Government BUD fund.


BUD 專項基金設有兩項計劃:
(i) 企業支援計劃:向個別企業提供資助,由香港生產力促進局擔任秘書處,協助推行計劃;及
(ii) 機構支援計劃:向非分配利潤組織提供資助,由工業貿易署負責推行。